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Vet's Here is now BetterVet

We offer the high-quality mobile vet care your pet deserves, with the added comfort and convenience of service at your home.

Mobile Vet Support Staff


The People Making Our Mobile Vet Care Possible

Our highly skilled and experienced support staff members help the mobile vets maintain our exceptional standards for animal care and client service. Our Vet’s Here support team includes our Practice Managers, Veterinary Assistants, Veterinary Technicians, and Client Service Representatives. Click the bios below to learn more about our dedicated team!

Cassandra C.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Sandy S.

Veterinary Technician

Amanda F.

Veterinary Assistant

Corey C.

Veterinary Assistant

Toni B.

Veterinary Assistant

Desiree J.

Inventory Manager/Veterinary Assistant

Lori M.

Administration/Veterinary Assistant

Amber F.

Client Service Representative

Ashley D.

Client Service Representative

Jenifer L.

Client Service Representative

Tawny P.

Client Service Representative

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