Our Mobile Vets

Joanie Palmero


Santa Ynez Valley

Dr. Joanie Palmero joined the practice in 2017 and is widely respected for her expertise as an Internal Medicine Specialist and loved for her patient care. She brings years of specialty veterinary medicine to our clients and patients. She achieved her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Florida and subsequently completed an internship at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala. She followed with a residency at the esteemed University of California, Davis, where she subsequently worked as an Assistant Staff Veterinarian until 2012 when she moved to the Santa Ynez Valley to pursue a position at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center.

Dr. Palmero has diverse veterinary interests, inspiring her to work with various domestic and wild species. Outside of work, she enjoys the beach, music, athletic activities and discovering new places and tastes.

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