Understanding Dog and Cat Microchipping

Understanding Dog and Cat Mircochipping Pets are not just furry friends we keep in our homes— they’re loved and cherished members of our family. We try our best to give them a great life, and in exchange they give us endless love, affection, and companionship. So...

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Looking For A Vet To Come to You?

Looking For A Vet To Come To You? Are you looking to have a more personalized, convenient vet experience for your pet? Our veterinarians at Vet’s Here can help! We are a full-service mobile veterinary practice that performs all the functions of a traditional clinic,...

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Fleas No More

Fleas No More Fleas are tiny, quick and are a nuisance to get rid of. Not only do they infest your cat’s fur, but they also invade our homes and can transmit diseases to pet owners. Both indoor and outdoor cats can have flea problems! Due to their incredibly...

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A “Ruff” Case of the Flu

A “Ruff” Case of the Flu Flu season is in full swing for us pet owners, but it can be “ruff” for our furry friends too. Dog flu, also known as canine influenza (which is caused by H3N8 and H3N2 viruses), affects both dogs and cats and is just as contagious as the...

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