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Fleas are tiny, quick and are a nuisance to get rid of. Not only do they infest your cat’s fur, but they also invade our homes and can transmit diseases to pet owners.

Both indoor and outdoor cats can have flea problems! Due to their incredibly fastidious nature, cats tend to remove fleas via self-grooming prior them to being spotted by their owners. This means owners are often unaware of the true severity of the problem.

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Wondering what you can do to treat your feline?

The best treatment option for fleas on cats are topical prescription products that, if applied monthly, will repel and kill the fleas on the body. Our mobile vets at Vet’s Here can help recommend a treatment to keep your kitty feeling good.

As with any treatment given to a beloved pet, safety is a common concern for cat owners regarding products. If applied correctly, topical treatments are safe for both your cat and household. Keep in mind that the benefits of prevention of health issues associated with flea infestations far outweigh any small chance of side effects from these very safe medications. The sooner you treat your cat, the sooner they will be safe and back to purring in no time.

If these parasites are left untreated, health problems that could occur include tapeworms, staph infections of the skin, hair loss and extreme itching. Poor kitties! Even more importantly, zoonotic diseases (transmissible to humans) such as typhus, plague and Bartonella may also result from unnoticed and untreated flea infestations in cats.

Worried how fleas can affect the household?

Taking care of the household is also important when battling fleas, as treatment of the environment will reduce the infection pressure to pets. Common options used to sanitize the environment include commercial sprays, pest control services and more natural options such as diatomaceous earth, a powder that kills fleas by contact. Consistent vacuuming is also exceptionally important to remove eggs from the environment.

Fleas are not fun, and although you can take the necessary actions to get rid of them, it’s important to remember that it can take up to three months to get to a 99 percent control level. This is due to the lifecycle of fleas and their eggs. People may get frustrated prematurely; assuming a product or protocol is not working when they see a reduction in numbers of fleas followed by a relapse within that three-month period. Our veterinarians at Vet’s Here advise you to be patient and persistent when dealing with fleas. Consistent treatment of the pets and environment will result in a flea free house!

Treating fleas can be a challenge, but getting access to high-quality, convenient pet care doesn’t have to be! Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a home visit with one of our experienced veterinarians.

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