Looking For A Vet To Come To You?

Are you looking to have a more personalized, convenient vet experience for your pet? Our veterinarians at Vet’s Here can help! We are a full-service mobile vet practice that performs all the functions of a traditional clinic, but with the added convenience of an at-your-doorstep approach. Your pooches and felines can receive top-quality veterinary care without leaving the comfort of home.

A white van that says Vets Here in a field in front of mountains

Here’s a list of our top five reasons for making the switch to a mobile vet:

  1. Personalized experience – You’ll receive extended one-on-one time with the doctor and veterinary assistant with no distractions or interruptions, unlike traditional veterinary office environments.
  2. Transparency – We spend time with you and your pet together, exams and most minor procedures can be performed with you present, in your home or in our trucks!
  3. Less stressful for your furry friend – Your pet can be examined in a more relaxed state, in the comfort of their own home environment.
  4. At-home observation – We’ll watch how your pet reacts in their own environment, so our house call vets can gain valuable insight and better accommodate your pet’s individual needs, providing the customized care all pets deserve.
  5. Convenience – Tired of crowded waiting rooms? With Vet’s Here’s state-of-the-art 26-foot La Boit veterinary vehicle, we can perform all the functions of a stationary clinic right at your doorstep. We come to you, creating a hassle-free experience for you and your pet.

Whether your pet needs a wellness examination, vaccinations, a dental procedure, lab work, x-ray or a host of other medical procedures, Vet’s Here has the capacity to treat your pet’s health needs.

We currently provide our services in the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara and Conejo Valley regions of California and look forward to the opportunity to welcome your pets into our Vet’s Here family!

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